Our products


Our products are made from the finest local and international ingredients, custom-produced to satisfy a variety of consumers and tastes.
They are packaged, stored, and distributed by our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure their quality and freshness when they reach your table.


The first to import high quality coffee products in 1955, we have expanded our line of beverages to include nutritional milk products, select teas, and juices. These beverages have been developed with care and an eye to quality to satisfy the needs of consumers of all ages.

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About us

We are successful brand-builders and innovators in the food & beverage sector. Our industry-recognized commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation is the key to our success and growth. We continue to update our global co-packing capabilities and dependable distribution networks to ensure that our highly-valued products arrive fresh and swiftly to their destined markets. From a small, family-owned operation founded in 1920, to the international, modern company it is today, M.M. Sinno & Sons is proud of its heritage and evolution.


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Our brands

We brand and package many of the leading brands in the food & beverage sector, and also import and distribute a wide variety of food and beverage products that vary by region.