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We are committed to successful brand creation, creating innovative products that satisfy the needs and traditions of our markets, and growing our local and international collaboration with other producers to package, co-package, sell, and distribute high-quality consumer goods.

M.M. Sinno & Sons is proud to have the human, financial, and infrastructural resources and capacity of an international network combined with the care, quality, and attention to detail that only a family business can maintain.


For M.M. Sinno & Sons, integrity and reputation mean everything. We at M.M. Sinno & Sons are committed to four core values: Integrity,  Excellence, Tradition with a Modern Vision, and Innovation.

  • Integrity: For generations the company has built its foundations on its solid reputation and integrity. We hold very close to our heart these two values that have been passed down from father to son and are at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Excellence: We hold steadfast to our founder’s vision of a company that upholds excellence in all its operations, from customer service, production, and packaging, to distribution.
  • Traditional Values with a Modern Vision: We take pride in our history, incorporate lessons learned from our decades of experience, and embrace innovative methods and technologies to successfully adapt to modern market conditions and demands.
  • Business Innovation: M. M. Sinno & Sons dedicates the knowledge and experience of our staff to finding new and better ways to do business, for the benefit and satisfaction of its customers and for company growth.