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Sales and logistics

National Sales

The sector in which M. M. Sinno & Sons operates is volatile. Our success in it depends on accurate market analysis coupled with prompt, appropriate responses to changing conditions. The marketing team utilizes company objectives and market trends to carefully plan brand development and placement while widening consumer awareness. The successful implementation of this marketing strategy allows the company to achieve its sales objectives and support company growth.

Our company boasts an efficient sales department whose main focus is customer satisfaction. We believe that sales figures can only be maintained if the customer is pleased with the company’s products and is engaged with us in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Our accomplished sales team has a deep grasp of our products and the markets we serve. The team covers all Lebanese territories and operates within strict KPI targets set forth by the management team, constantly reporting findings to management so that client communication remains tight and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

International Sales

Our markets can have varying needs and consumption habits, and we make sure that both are met satisfactorily by keeping close, committed relationships with our international suppliers and distributors. We work in a volatile sector. Accurate market analysis coupled with prompt, appropriate responses to changing conditions is what we do to stay on top of our game.

Since each demographic has its own culture and traditions that dictate tastes and demand, our successful operations in each market depends on understanding its pertinent core values and customs, as well as focusing on ways to produce and supply goods to that market’s consumers to improve their nutrition and meet their needs. 

Distribution and warehousing

Our distribution fleet is managed from a central warehouse/distribution center strategically placed near Beirut. This warehouse/distribution center acts as the order processing segment, an integral part of the distribution process. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is designed specifically to maintain sanitary, temperature-controlled storage conditions, ensuring high product quality during storage and transport to retailers, wholesalers, and service sectors. The warehousing facility meets the highest European standards, and was designed and built to accommodate future growth of the company and its storage needs.

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